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Please continue to comment on this revival; hearing from Africans, and Americans, missionaries and laymen about this revival is a great encouragement! It is amazing how this revival transcended race and hierarchy, looking only to Jesus.

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Compare this review. The revival message was simple, yet profound. MacMaster and Jacobs summarizes it as follows: Come to Jesus with your sins; repent and be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ; live in the immediacy of the presence of Jesus, and walk in open fellowship with the brothers and sisters; absorb yourself in the Word of God by life-changing Bible study; allow Jesus Christ to do good deeds through you by the enabling of the Holy Spirit; and witness with word, life, and action that Jesus Christ is the head of the individual and of the body of believers Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.

Milburn J. The two missionary wives, May and Fay were actually twin sisters, daughters of Mr. Warren of Orlando, Florida, U.

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In , after working together for eight years in the Elim Bukuria Mission, the Dodzweits continued there while the Sicklers relocated to Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast, to take care of a guest house there. Out of the first Bukuria Mission founded in , a second station of Elim was started at Suna in One of the Elim missionaries, Paul Johansson, was at Suna briefly before moving to Nairobi in the early s to pioneer work in this cosmopolitan city. In these foundational days, one of those who assisted Johansson in the work was Chacha Omahe from Bukuria.

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There was also Nathaniel Jullu from the Suna ststion. This was the state of affairs when Mwatha, as a young man, joined Johansson and his team. He was there on a more continuous and permanent basis as others came and went. This was not the case with Nathaniel Jullu. Although he also assisted in Nairobi occasionally during special meetings, his main permanent station was actually at Suna, Migori, in southwestern Kenya.

Following beginnings on Duke Street now Ronald Ngala , they relocated to the Rahimtulla Hall, on present day Mfangano Streeet, in , and remained there until The relocation and the subsequent stability that came with it gave the church impetus and momentum. During this period of up-swing the major transfer to a more permanent location was made in This new more permanent location to which All Nations moved in was at Gikomba. The site was on a plot which had been allocated to them by the Nairobi City Council. It is here that they built All Nations Gospel Church.

Once the building of the church was complete, it was officially opened during the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Crusade of As it turned out, this insignificant and fledgling church was destined to be the real seed-bed of the major thrust that would identify All Nations as a pioneer flourishing center of the modern Pentecostal movement in Kenya. From the time that he joined All Nations in , Mwatha became a permanent feature of the church. He was a most able and trusted lieutenant of Rev. Johansson, serving under him with utter devotion and faithfulness as his assistant.

When the original congregation was in its early stages at its initial location on Ronald Ngala Street in the years to , the attendance was generally about twenty to twenty-five people. The numbers increased steadily over the years. As a result, by the time they moved to Rahimtulla Hall on Mfangano Street, there were over fifty people in the church. As the church grew more at Rahimtulla, the attendance averaged over people when the church moved to the new location at Gikomba in For the uninitiated, there is nothing remarkable about the history or tradition of All Nations Gospel Church, Gikomba, considered a relatively unattractive locality.

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The truth of the matter is that during the hard times of sowing and toiling on the Christian landscape in Nairobi, All Nations proved to be both the beachhead and the beacon of hope for those who were zealous for the things of God. From the time All Nations established itself at Gikomba and on the church scene in Nairobi in the late s and early s it has become one of the most influential centers of the Pentecostal movement in East Africa and a landmark of Christianity in Kenya. In , Johansson left Kenya and returned to the U.

In this capacity, he helped maintain All Nations as one of the premier Pentecostal forces in Nairobi into the s. Other powerful centers of Pentecostal witness did not emerge until the early s to establish themselves in the mid to late s. Examples abound of prominent new Christian arrivals in Nairobi who used All Nations to stabilize themselves in their Christian walk and work before they found their bearing in the city.

For others, it was the launching pad from which they were hoisted to even greater Christian ministries. On this score, the classic cases are those of the pioneer leaders of Deliverance Church, on one hand, and the Redeemed Gospel Church on the other hand, with the genesis of the latter being much more intricately tied to All Nations than the former. Aside from its overall influence and impact as a church, All Nations has given birth to the entire network of PEFA churches in Nairobi as well as in far-flung areas of Kenya.

Through the efforts of All Nations, there is now a thriving outgrowth of its work in Nairobi and its environs. In terms of physical structures and numerical size, a number of branch churches are as big, if not bigger than, All Nations. Mwatha has many responsibilities at various levels in the wider PEFA structure to date. All the same, he has maintained a clear focus on his foundational role as the pastor at All Nations, Gikomba, from the time he succeeded Johansson to the present.

While at the helm of the church at the local level, he has not carried out the work there in isolation but has employed two systems of team support to help him in the various tasks. Because of this approach, any achievements made at this local level and the attached extensions are the results of team work. First, throughout his tenure of leadership, other pastors have worked alongside him in the various duties.

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  4. In the initial years, he served as pastor with others as assistant pastors. Later, he became the senior pastor, with the others serving as full-fledged pastors, but under his leadership. This is the pattern which has been maintained and has persisted even to the present. Secondly, Mwatha has always relied heavily on a group of elders in steering the affairs of the church and its ministry. Since this system is a permanent feature of the church, it has proved crucial in providing stability and continuity regardless of any changes in the pastoral equation.

    This pattern began in the days of Pastor Johansson when Mwatha was assisting him. At that time a number of very capable and strong elders teamed up with the pastors in the work. When Johansson left Kenya, Mwatha remained as the sole pastor of the nascent church at Gikomba. There were two early satellite congregations that emerged outside of Gikomba: Kibera, with Reuben Odongo in charge, and Dandora, under the care of Ezekiel Kambi. Together with these indigenous leaders, the church benefited for a considerable period of time from the partnership of one expatriate missionary, George Lindsay.

    As the environment had changed with Africans now in control of the affairs of the church, Lindsay behaved as an admirable Christian servant who was flexible enough to take on whatever assignment the leadership of the church gave him.

    From small beginnings in the s, PEFA has established itself in a number of countries and is spreading and branching out to wider territory in Africa. However, there is increasing interest in other countries outside this block. Where work has already been established, one of the brightest spots in terms of numerical growth is the Democratic Republic of Congo. The PEFA boasts major presence in the following countries: The Democratic Republic of Congo with 7, churches, Uganda with 1, churches, Tanzania with 1, churches, Burundi with churches, Rwanda with thirteen churches, and Kenya with 3, churches.

    East African Revival

    In the PEFA set-up, greater Nairobi area alone has about eighty churches, divided into six constituent districts for the purposes of coordination and administration. Among the churches, the largest ten or so have an average attendance of more than people each on Sundays. Apart from being head of the larger continent wide umbrella body, Mwatha has been until recently the general overseer of Kenya, the overall leader in Nairobi, while continuing as the senior pastor of his original church at Gikomba.

    In the midst of all these demanding responsibilities, he carries himself with calmness, composure, and Christian confidence. Over the years, PEFA has endeavored to promote self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and sound sustainability for every one of its churches. To this end, it has devised a system of recognizing its leading churches when they achieve full indigenous status.

    Mwatha, Samuel Kang’ethe

    The first church to come under this arrangement was the mother church of All Nations, Gikomba. Since then, two others have come to the same level. Leaders and elders in an area constitute a district church council. Leaders come together for occasional refresher courses. An ordained pastor oversaw the district and officiates at baptisms and communions.