Centurions Daughter

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Each rising peak of an orgasm that tore through Kara built her up then tore her down harder and harder and harder until Kara reached out with one hand to the headboard and accidently yanked the bar down breaking the headboard.

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The year marked the beginning of a strange period in Baudelaire's life, one that does not quite fit with his life as a dandy, and which he himself later labeled "Mon ivresse de " My frenzy in in his Journaux intimes Intimate Journals, Baudelaire-the product of a bourgeois household, the elitist poet of refined and elegant dress, the man who in the s embraced Count Joseph de Maistre, an ultra-royalist aristocrat, and who had already expressed admiration for the aristocratic views of Edgar Allan Poe-participated in the French Revolution of that lead to the overthrow of the constitutional monarchy.

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