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They fell in love with it as guests, when they would leave their donut business in Utah for a few days of relaxation in Palm Springs. It was "a grind," Chris says, and when the opportunity to purchase the Coyote Inn came up, they jumped.

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Chris and Barb live on the property, and work seven days a week. They do everything and anything that needs to be done, and always have their "game faces on," Chris says. They love forging relationships with guests, greeting new faces and welcoming back regulars.

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Guests come from all over the world, and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes along with a property that is adults only. They also love the saltwater pool and hot tub, which is good for the skin. Snowbirds flock to the Coyote Inn during the spring, and book for the next year before their visit is even over.

Some guests don't even rent a car. There's something about walking through the gate and entering the Coyote Inn's courtyard that instantly puts guests at ease. Another fear of over-congregation is a higher incidence of disease. A northern California deer population close to me suddenly died of parvo disease, a common canine virus. This herd was inside a large planned community where deer were encouraged and protected. Deer don't usually congregate in such limited areas, nor do they form large herds in that area, but when they do because of human choices, disease spreads quickly and fatalities result.

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As my neighbors add goats and chickens to homesteads, we are seeing three times as much coyote activity in the neighborhood. The vast majority of it revolves around the chicken coup houses where they know that rodents are plentiful. When a rooster crows at midnight as they do when they see headlights, he summons coyotes over long distances.

When they discover fertile hunting ground, they'll come back often.

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This is not a good thing to become a "prey" venue for local coyotes. Your coup may actually change their hunting patterns to come much closer than before the chickens. Of course a lot depends on how rural you are and whether or not the property is well fenced. But even with fences, if they want to they'll get over it just as they climbed the tamarisk tree at Los Compadres.

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  • Only with hot wire or barbed wire can they be kept out permanently. Raising chickens for the eggs is fun and great for the entire family, but do be aware of your home site's proximity to open space where coyotes hunt. More: How to keep your trees safe from 'deadly' insects in the desert. One night coyotes called a three-month-old Labrador pup away from a house.

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    The pack was waiting in the brush. They killed him outside my window. I'll never forget it and lock my dogs indoors at night.

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    Perhaps that's why I issue this warning about chickens in the desert. What you do with prey species impacts all predators the same way. Raise birds at your own risk and know that if the coyotes don't come, the bobcats will. Beware of hungry coyotes and other predators around the desert, they'll wreak havoc on your pets Maureen Gilmer Special to The Desert Sun.

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    Coyotes have lived in the East since the s, and recent genetic tests have shown they are actually a mixture of coyote, wolf and dog. Scientists say they might be getting genetically closer to wolves, helping them become better predators and thrive in urban areas.