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A special deal - get three sexy Santa stories in a single volume! Each tale will leave you longing for Christmas to cum- er, come! Mike has accepted that he just can't stop his girlfriend from cuckolding him. She wants him locked in chastity and transforming into a woman at her command! What is it about being desired by better men than your husband that makes it so, so tempting?

If only she can find the right man to cuckold her husband: someone packing something really big… WARNING: Reading this piece will make you understand why real women crave strong, powerful men. Expect erotic scenes of spanking, exhibitionism, voyeurism, domination and submission and humiliation, too!

Keep going… that is, if you can handle the heat! Is it really cheating if your husband wants it too? When Lisa's husband, Rob, buys her a mysterious present for her 35th birthday she finds herself swept up in an intoxicating evening of fantasy and seduction.

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What starts out as a bit of fun becomes increasingly passionate as Lisa finds herself forced to make a choice - should she walk away from the luxurious hotel room she finds herself in? Or should she throw caution to the wind, put on the sexy lingerie lying on the bed and wait for a mysterious stranger to arrive? It is her birthday, after all Or that my wife had a wild sexual appetite, back in her college days I could only watch, helpless, as Brad seduced her in front of me.

And that was only the start of his plans for my wife…. Elizabeth is a hot blonde housewife, always eager to cuckold her husband. See what happens when she visits her husband's office, and his sexy boss shows interest. Sharon lives a rather boring and lonely life as a housewife. As her husband is called out to yet another business trip, she decides to go on a joyride with his precious coupe.

Sharon goes through quite the ordeal to not only pay off her debt but also her husband's debt to the same black man, who is also a loan shark. Can she pay off the enormous debt? Page 13 from The Cuckold Author: T. A man who is so deeply in debt only has one asset of value to a billionaire, his gorgeous wife. The desire for it is rooted in masochism, a trait that most cuckolds possess.

If you want to read a little more about erotic humiliation, please refer to this excellent article. Do whatever it takes to get there. If that means he goes down on you for a little bit or gives you an erotic massage, then so be it. Perhaps you want to light a candle and turn on some music.

Maybe you want to put on lingerie or something that makes you feel dominant leather boots, anyone? Maybe for the first few times you want to do it with the lights off because it feels easier that way. Again, whatever makes it easier for you is the right way to go. Stroke his cock for a little bit and then let him take over. Kiss each other.

It should be a slow burn. As you get more comfortable with it, feel free to think outside the box and mix it up a little. Sitting on his face and making him worship your pussy while you verbally humiliate him is hugely effective. You can be on your back and have him go down on you too. In my experience with my fans and Patrons , every cuckold is a little bit different when it comes to what turns them on the most. Some are crazy for small penis humiliation.

Cuckold Fluffer Box

Some are into interracial cuckolding. There are dozens of other specific elements of cuckolding that can be sources of arousal, too check out my article on cuckold humiliation ideas for even more on this subject. Your task is to discover what really turns your cuckold on. So, how do you discover what turns him on the most?

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Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. I always recommend that you start with a conversation. The problem is that some guys are really insecure about this particular fantasy. The key is, you have to actually mean it. If you need more information, feel free to ask questions. It just is. If not, the section below is for you. Cuckolding is different though. It often comes down to a man worrying that his wife is going to think less of him if he admits his fantasies. Sometimes your marriage will see significant improvement. A bit of foreplay of the kissing and groping variety followed by his clothes coming off and his cock ending up in your hand.

Make it as erotic as possible. Stroke his cock slowly as you whisper to him.

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Perhaps your husband has shared a basic cuckold fantasy with you. You kiss his neck softly and stroke his cock. He groans in pleasure. He groans again. He looks at you. Precum leaks from his cock as you stroke him. You feel it throbbing in your hand.

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He subtly thrusts his hips upwards. Again you kiss his neck. You let your tongue dance over his skin. He groans. The pleasure is too much.

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He cums hard. His hard cock is inches from your pussy. You rub your pussy over the underside of his shaft and tease his cock head by taking a tiny fraction of it inside you. I need a man that fucks me better than you ever have. Both scenarios work as a form of cuckold verbal humiliation. The first happens to double as a way of investigating what turns him on. Make him work for it a little. Make him tend to your pussy with his tongue and fingers. One of the dangers of verbal humiliation is that you can go a little too far and end up doing real damage.

He stretched out my tight little pussy so good when he fucked me. TheDarkCloud 4.

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