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The Essential Guide to Werewolf Literature , p. Popular Press, Archived from the original on February 26, Retrieved December 22, Del Rey Books. Retrieved May 16, Retrieved Fictional life forms. Arthropods Fish Parasites Worms. Frogs and toads animation.

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Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Forge Books, Condition: New. Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Forge Books. Seller Inventory NEW Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. I wouldn't recommend it for someone looking for your average werewolf story.

Duncan's attempt is much more of a contemplative, introspective look at a werewolf's life. Above all, despite previous marketing, I would not promote this as " Twilight for adults. Reviewed by: Jennifer Lawrence. Maggie is the alpha of the pack, and despite kicking some tail to get the position, she finds herself cramped under the pressure to lead not just her people, but her family, into the future.

The former alpha, Eli, was caught trying to kill Maggie's brother, so things are tense in the pack, and a series of mysterious attacks aren't helping. Neither is Dr. Nick Thatcher, the gorgeous man Maggie finds poking around Grundy, Alaska trying to prove that werewolves are real.

Her libido, however, is just a distraction when it begins to look like another pack might be trying to take Maggie's territory from her. As a lead, Maggie is less fun than Mo, from Harper's first werewolf book. She's sassy, though, and a little mean, and a heck of a lot more conflicted. Harper is an excellent writer.

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She weaves a tale that feels ordinary despite the mystical elements, and integrates pack mentality and politics into the Alaskan wilderness seamlessly. Definitely recommended for public paranormal romance collections, Harper's werewolf books will also likely appear to urban fantasy fans as well. Contains: language, graphic sex scenes, some violence. Reviewed by: Michele Lee. By the Light of the Moon by Larry Kerr. If you slap a howling werewolf on the cover readers know what your bad guy is and spending two hundred pages with your characters still in the dark can easily become tedious rather than a delightfully gory romp through a dark night.

This is the most glaring problem with By the Light of the Moon , which stars a paranoid newspaper reporter, his girlfriend, and a small town cop squaring off against a vicious, strong, mysterious creature who gets really hungry every full moon.

It also doesn't help that the best and sometimes only real descriptions come from the characters telling each other how poignant that scene is, or how relevant this fact is. By the Light of the Moon is not a bad book. Kerr's strength is his characterization, and he recognizes how to strike all the dramatic moments. Given its higher small press price tag, it's not the best option for public collections, but werewolf fans, especially the die-hard werewolf-monster-killer fans will dig it. Contains: violence and language. Available: paperback and multiformat digital.

Anthologies like On the Prowl are becoming more common these days, particularly in urban fantasy and paranormal romance. On the Prowl is a shape shifter-themed collection of four novellas by authors writing in pre-established worlds. It features a prequel to Brigg's Alpha and Omega series, set in the same world as her Mercy Thompson books; a side story from Wilks' Lupi series, set between the third and fourth books but starring a secondary character; a story set in Karen Chance's Dorina Basarab world but led by side characters; and a short story from Sunny that's like a summary of the first four of her Monere books.

While these types of books are more for series completists than public collections they can help fans of the genre or a particular theme learn about new authors whose works they might love. On the Prowl is recommended for collections that have a lot of paranormal readers, and of course to librarians and booksellers themselves who like to have an understanding of the variety of books on the shelves. It's a decent "sampler" of paranormal works that requires little investment and can certainly spark the urge to go out and try new books.

Contains: sex, mentions of abuse, some violence. River Marked by Patricia Briggs.

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Ace, Available: Hardcover and multiformat digital. Just as Lord of the Rings established a plethora of fantasy standards Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series has left its mark on urban fantasy. In this sixth book of the series, Mercy has made her commitment to the local werewolf alpha, Adam. In fact, after a surprise wedding like a surprise birthday party , Adam whisks Mercy off on a ten day camping trip in a plush trailer lent to them by the fae. Since the fae never give anything for free, both Mercy and Adam are suspicious, but determined not to let that ruin their alone time.

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Then a river monster, an ancient Native American cannibal, rises and claims Mercy as its own. Briggs is excellent at drawing in both readers and multicultural magical elements. In this story she isolates Adam and Mercy from their pack, and sets them up against what might as well be a god.

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Briggs reminds readers that they don't need European vampires and Nordic werewolves for intrigue and adventure: America has plenty of secrets all its own. This series is very popular, for good reason. It strikes a perfect balance between urban fantasy elements—romance, mystery, horror and magic. It is led by strong, but not perfect characters whose power might set them apart with a less talented literary hand. Instead Briggs keeps them human, valiant, noble, challenged and even light-hearted. Readers looking to try out urban fantasy would do well to start here, and a librarian on a tight budget will most likely see this series gives a high interest value for the money.

Contains: violence, language, sexual situations.

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Wild by Naomi Clark. KDP, Available: Kindle ebook. Lizzie is an addict in an abusive relationship. Abandoned on the street after a fight and attacked, she's now a werewolf too. Wild is at heart a tale of redemption and the crippling effect abuse has on a person. It's also a tale of werewolves on the cusp of exposure, fighting not to be defined by the worst and most stereotypical among them.

So it's not surprising that this book has yet to really connect with its audience. Collins' Sonja Blue books. While the popularity of urban fantasy has, in many ways, led to the solidification and some might say stagnation of the genre, it's books like these with a somewhat different tempo, but excellent story lines and writing, that fall through the cracks.

Wild is a fantastic book, dark in ways that are somewhat uncomfortable, but ultimately hopeful. Lizzie's struggle with addiction and self esteem makes it a book that will connect with readers unexpectedly and an excellent addition to public collections. Contains: drug use, sex, violence, language.