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My Orders. Track Orders. Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. His heart rate did not vary, his palms did not sweat. His goal was sharp and clear. It shone in the darkness of his interior landscape, as brilliant as a guiding star. The plan to destroy Victor Lazar and Kurt Novak was the first thing that had aroused Seth's interest in the ten months since they had murdered his brother Jesse.

It had rendered him a miracle of single-minded concentration — until three weeks ago. The woman who was about to walk into the rooms monitored by the screen in front of him was the second thing. The light and motion activated camera monitoring her garage flicked to life. He tried to ignore the way his heart rate spiked, and glanced at his watch. She'd been at the office since 7 A. He liked having her all to himself. The car pulled in, the headlights went out. She sat slumped in the car for so long that the camera switched itself off and the window went dark. He cursed through his teeth and made a mental note to himself to reprogram the default from three minutes to ten as he typed in the command that activated the infrared mode.

Her image reappeared, a glowing, unearthly green.

Shannon McKenna’s McCloud Brothers Bundle

She sat there for two more minutes staring blankly into the dark garage before she finally got out. The second two cameras snapped on dutifully as she unlocked the door and headed for the kitchen. She ran herself a glass of water, took off the horn-rimmed glasses and rubbed her eyes, clutching the sink for balance. She tilted back her head to drink, exposing her slender, soft looking white throat. She must be trying to toughen up her look with the glasses. She'd failed, in a big way. The camera he had hidden in the stove clock framed her pale face, her stubborn jaw, the shadows under her eyes.

He zoomed in on her eyes. The straight, winging brows and curling lashes were dramatically dark against her pale skin. He would have taken her for a bleached blonde if he didn't have damn good reason to know that her blond curls were absolutely for real. She closed her eyes. The sweep of her lashes was shadowy against the delicate curve of her cheekbones. Her mascara was smudged. She looked exhausted. Being Lazar's new sex toy must be more strenuous than she had bargained for. He wondered how she'd gotten embroiled with him.

Whether she was in too deep to ever get out. Most people who got involved with Lazar soon found they were in over their heads. By then, of course, it was too late. There was no objective reason for him to continue to monitor her. Had it not been for the fact that she was living in Lazar's ex-mistress's house she might never have come to his attention at all. Lazar's visits to that house had warranted surveillance, and they had been watching it for months.

But Lazar didn't visit the blonde, or at least he hadn't yet. She came straight home from the office every night, stopping only to get groceries or pick up her dry cleaning. The transponder he had planted in her car confirmed that she never varied her route. Weekly phone calls to her mother revealed only that the woman had no clue about her daughter's latest career move, which was perfectly understandable. A young woman kept for pleasure by a filthy rich criminal might well choose to hide the knowledge from her family.

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She knew no one in Seattle, went nowhere, had no social life that he could discern. Her big, haunted eyes were silver gray, the irises ringed with indigo.

Shannon Mckenna's McCloud Brothers Bundle

He studied the magnified image, disquieted. She looked God, sweet was the word that came to mind, even though it made him wince. He had never before felt any moral qualms about spying on people. When he was a kid reading comic books, he'd picked out his superhero mutation of choice right away. X-ray eyes won, hands down. It was the perfect mutation for a paranoid guy like him. Knowledge was power, and power was good. He'd built a lucrative career on that philosophy. Jesse used to tease him about it.

He had to stay cool and detached.

Shannon McKenna's McCloud Brothers Bundle

Cyborg man. It was a name for a comic book superhero.

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  2. Shannon McKenna’s McCloud Brothers Bundle by Shannon McKenna.
  3. Shannon Mckenna's McCloud Brothers Bundle.

He'd always liked those mutant guys in the classic comic books. They were all tormented, depressed and alienated. He could relate to that. He'd watched Montserrat, Lazar's former mistress, with ice-cold detachment.

Die Nacht hat viele Augen (McCloud Brothers 1) Hörbuch Teiil 1

Watching her writhe in bed with Lazar had left him unmoved, even a little repulsed. Never once had he felt guilty. But then again, Montserrat was a professional. He could read it in her sinuous, calculated body language. She wore a mask all the time, when she was fucking Lazar, even when she was alone.

The blonde had no mask at all.