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The room was very clean and the beds were very comfortable and the staff was very niceThe… Sep 29, Bedroom was obviously redone some time ago as the bedspreads look modern, not the… Sep 22, See all Hotels. Blackwood also does not have 5 dollars stores…there is 1. I lived in Blackwood almost my whole life and redneck it is not. It is a friendly community with a mix of white collar and blue collar who respect one another. If that makes Blackwood redneck the author of this article and study clearly is the one who is uneducated. This is the most idiotic posting I have seen about Hackettstown yet.

There is no Walmart in Hackettstown. Technically, it is located in Mansfield, NJ. Hackettstown also is home to a large private college Centenary College. The percentage is well above that. I know this is supposed to be funny but it is not to the people who live in those areas and take pride in their communities. This stupid top 10 NJ redneck city list is a joke. As for bars — have you been to Gloucester?

You have Princeton as 24? Seriously, Princeton, redneck? Are you high? Penns Grove is the least redneck?

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Again, are you high? You really needed to include townships. That IS where the rednecks live.

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Rural areas often use the zipcode of a larger nearby town. All those little places appear to then be part of a town they simply are not! Hammonton has no trailer parks, gun shops, fishing supply stores, etc; very few bars or entertainment of any sort. If you are going to use data, use data for the actual locations. Atco is not a township, it is located in Waterford Township, Camden County. It is the home of The Atco Dragway.

I agree that there are redneck towns in NJ, especially the southern part of the state — mostly in Salem county; but not very many of the towns you listed. Where did you get your data? There are only two bars in the entire town.

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There are NO trailer parks, no Walmarts, 2 liquor stores, no gun stores and no bait shops. Plus almost exactly half the population is African-American, and since your definition of redneck is that the redneck must be white, how is Woodbury a redneck town? Perhaps you are lumping in Deptford with Woodbury for your statistics since the zip code is the same?

Pynchon’s Vineland: The War on Drugs and the Coming Police-State

These facts are completely incorrect. Growing up in the top three. The correct order is Millville. Aka the millbillies are considered the redneck capital of south jersey. Vineland is comprised largely of Hispanic people so unless we are talking Rancheros that stat is completely false. Vineland is large and while there are red necks they come no where close to other nearby areas. There is a Golden Corral, which is on the Millville Vineland border because they ran out of room from all the trailer parks to fit it completely in Millville.

Now depending on what consideration went into Bridgeton they might be tied for first. You will have Greenwich, Shiloh, Hopewell, Rosenhayn, etc these are extremely redneck regions in the middle of no where. Country music, booze and farms.

However if you are talking the city of Bridgeton once again that is mostly African American and Hispanic and will include scattered rednecks. Next time take a trip before posting anything again. Oh and by the way; nearly everyone in the world knows that typing in all caps means you are screaming loudly. Thus adding to your charm via stupidity.

How many bars in Ocean city…………….. The result of more than 10 years of consideration, the Regional Medical Center employs the best in every discipline of care:.

The integrated medical campus is uniquely designed to complement and enhance the delivery of responsive, efficient care. Residents embrace the atmosphere of wellness, prevention and a new standard of treatment. The facility employs approximately 2, people. Other medical and support services have and will continue to be established adjacent to the medical center. Non-medical and retail businesses are expected to follow and grow in surrounding areas providing a positive economic impact.